Frequently Asked Questions
What is the total token Supply?
What is the token utility?
The Pantheon’s native token, PAN, will be used to vote for proposal in addition to gaining access to protocol benefits.
What Wallets will The Pantheon Support?
What is The Pantheon’s purpose?
The project’s core purpose is to foster protocol innovation, excellence, and best practices within the blockchain ecosystem for the benefit of humanity through providing quality assurance management to protocols through its product, Aegis.
What is The Pantheon’s goal?
The goal of The Pantheon is to provide a trusted and reliable resource for users who are seeking to engage with projects and organizations within the Web3 space.
Is The Pantheon for users or just protocols?
The Pantheon has been developed for both users and businesses.
For businesses, The Pantheon intends to present the quality system to our customers and other external interested parties, and to inform them on what specific controls are implemented at The Pantheon to assure quality.
For users, The Pantheon is releasing ‘Ensemble,’ is a comprehensive research and data platform for DeFi. We want Ensemble to become a one-stop shop for DYOR (Doing-Your-Own-Research), becoming a data aggregator for users.
Why is quality assurance important?
The expansive development and rapid growth of cryptocurrencies has complicated the safety and integrity of the Web3 industry. The adoption of a quality management system (QMS) is a strategic decision for any organization that can help improve its overall performance and provide a sound basis for sustainable development initiatives.
Is The Pantheon making Web3 less anonymous?
No, with the Aegis NFT, users identify protocols committed to honesty and integrity while the protocol itself maintains it decentralized and anonymous nature.