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The Do-Your-Own-Research (DYOR) Data Aggregator
With the explosive growth of Web3, there is an increasing need for reliable data and information centered around informing investment decisions, vetting businesses or projects, and tracking market and financial trends. We believe that a trustworthy centralized location (remaining decentralized in nature), a place to find the most accurate and open information about projects without being lead to multiple websites, is the solution. A key aspect of the business will be the creation of a transparent and accessible database of all accredited projects and organizations.
Enter: Ensemble
Ensemble is a comprehensive research and data platform for Web3. The product is a platform that tracks the performance of all accredited businesses.
The goal for Ensemble is to become the most refined and informative data aggregator for Web3; the go-to 'DYOR Dashboard.' Our data will be fully open-source and maintained by a team of passionate contributors from various businesses. Our focus will be on providing accurate data through transparent methodology. This database will provide users with important information about the projects and organizations that they have considered engaging with, and will help to promote transparency and trust within the Web3 ecosystem.
Simply, we want Ensemble to become a one-stop-shop for DYOR, becoming a data aggregator for users. The directory will involve all projects and businesses fostered under The Pantheon’s guidance.