The Overview

How Does The Pantheon Work?
The Pantheon will be responsible for building and accrediting organizations' operations within the Web3 space, ensuring that they meet minimum standards set forth by the Web3 Quality Assurance Standard. This is not a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Platform. The Pantheon embodies much more than that, while keeping the nature of decentralization as the core focus.
Companies and projects will accomplish this by establishing clear guidelines and requirements for transparency and quality assurance based on these standards. This will involve conducting thorough due diligence on each project or organization, including examining their governance structures, operational processes, and supportive systems.
Another key aspect of The Pantheon will be the creation of the people's Do-Your-Own-Research (DYOR) platform, a database of all accredited and unaccredited projects and organizations within Web3. This database will provide users with important information about projects and organizations that they are considering engaging with, and will help to promote transparency and trust within the Web3 ecosystem.