An Introduction

Welcome To The Pantheon
The Pantheon is a non-governmental, self-established organization that brings together all of the necessary resources and infrastructure to ensure a thriving, secure, and ethical environment epitomizes the foundation of Web3. The project’s core purpose is to foster business innovation, excellence, and best practices within the blockchain ecosystem for the benefit of humanity through providing quality assurance management to businesses and projects using Aegis, a standardization framework.
When we were first developing The Pantheon, some things that we wanted to tackle were:
  • The ability to consistently provide quality services or products that meet customer demand and business objectives
  • To develop and implement a service or product that provides quality assurance management to businesses that meet a minimum standard of reliability and transparency, demonstrating its ability to provide a consistent and reliable product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements
  • To develop and implement a service to address customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including continual improvement and the mitigation of any scam or hacks
  • To create a unifying social campaign and movement to raise industry standards leading to mass adoption
Additionally, the goal of The Pantheon is to provide a trusted and reliable resource for users seeking to engage with projects and organizations within the Web3 space. By acting as an accreditation standard for crypto, The Pantheon will help bring much-needed quality assurance and accountability to Web3 that will ultimately help build confidence and trust among users.
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